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  30-minute Procedure Could Save Your Life  - Colonoscopy

  A Pain in the Joint: Living with Arthritis

  Atrial Fibrillation

  Avoiding Adverse Drug Events - Prescriptions

  Difference Between Hospice and Palliative Care

  End of Life Blues

  Falls are not a Normal Part of Aging - You Can Prevent Falls

  Good Oral Health Means Good Overall Health - Dental 

  Have you Considered Donating Your Organs

  Hearing Aid Basics

  I Don’t Have a Hearing Problem

  Is Your Loved One a Hoarder

  I’ve Fainted a Few Times - Should I Be Worried?

  ManTherapy: A New Approach to Men’s Mental Health

  Myths about Sex in Later Life

  Prevent Falls While Staying Active

  Preventing Elder Suicides

  Providing Health Care for Various Cultures

  Senior Fitness is Important

  Should you ask for the Palliative Care Team?

  Talking with your Doc

  Transitioning from the Hospital to Home? Ask Questions

  Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative

  Wisconsin Senior Games


Safe and Healthy at Home >


  Alternatives to In-Home Care:

   Adult Day Care 

  Assistive Technology Devices

  Emergency Response Systems

  Grocery Delivery

  Home Modification

  Home Safety Assessments

  Meal Delivery & Preparation

  Medical Equipment & Supplies

  Respite Care

  Supportive In-Home Care:

   Hospice Care

   Live-In Support

   Medical Assistance/Licensed Medical Practioners

   Medicaid/Medicare Certified Medical Assistance
   Non-Medical Assistance



  Hiring a Home Care Agency versus Employing a Friend or Loved One

  Homecare and You - Know Your Options

  Home Care Association of America:  Compare Your Choices

  Patient Choice in Selecting a Home Health Agency

  Safer Homes for Seniors


Rehabilitation >


  Pre- & Post-Surgery Care Facilities

  Outpatient Therapy


  Do You Want to Improve Faster After Surgery?

  Up Your Recovery Odds 

Retirement Housing & Long-Term Care Facilities >


  Housing Terms Glossary

  Dane County Housing Reference Map

  Housing & Long-Term Care General Info

  Placement Management Services

  Life-Lease Developments

  Independent Living Apartments & Communities

  Assisted Living Facilities:




  Memory/Alzheimer's/Dementia Care


  Skilled Nursing & Nursing Homes




  Assisted Living - The Best of Both Worlds

  Assisted Living Options: Research Early

  Benefits of a Memory Care Facility   

  Bye Bye Bingo

  Choosing Housing for a Loved One

  Confused about Senior Housing Terms

  Housing Facilities - Too Many Choices

  Is Assisted Living the Right Thing - Signs to Consider

  Key to Living Longer - People

  Nursing Home Advocates are on your Side

  Planning and Paying for Long-Term Care

  Planning for your Retirement - Navigating the Senior Housing Maze

  Senior Living Options in Wisconsin

  Support a Loved One Moving and Paying for Assisted Living

  The New Golden Rule of Caregiving

  Time to Consider Moving into Assisted Living

  Understanding Sec 42 and the Section 8 Voucher Program

  Will Medicaid Pay for Nursing Home Care

Useful Guidance  >

End of Life >


  Advocacy Groups

  Animal Services

  Consumer Proctection & Issues


  Driver Safety



  Energy Assistance (Utilities)




   Credit Counseling

   Money Management

   Reverse Mortgages


  Health Plans

  Household Item & Building Material Donations


   Elder Law

   General Information



  Move Management & Relocation


  Realtors & Real Estate Services


  Service Dogs

  Speaker's Bureaus

  Transportation (Elderly & Disabled)

  Travel & Tours

  Volunteer Opportunities

  Wheelchair Vans & Accessories




  10 Helpful Travel Tips

  A Prescription for Better Health - Dane County Humane    Society

  Common Myths about Medicaid

  Home is Where the Heart is - Home Modification

  How to Wisely Give to a Charity

  Madison Public Library offers Wonderful Services

  Medicaid Estate Recovery Program

  Protecting Loved Ones from Scams

  Ready to Downsize - Consider a Move Manager

  The Informed Citizen - Craigslist Scams

  Time to Stop Driving

  Tips for Trouble Free Travel

  Universal Design - Home Modification

  When is it OK to Give - Medicaid

  Your Relationships Matter    


  Cemeteries & Memorial Products 

  Do-Not-Resuscitate Bracelets

  Funeral & Cremation Services

  General Information

  Grief & Spiritual Support

  Hospice Care

  Hospice Inpatient Facilities

  Palliative Care

  Probate & Estate Assistance



  Hospice Q&A

  Hospices Offer Compassionate, Comprehensive and Affordable Care 

  There’s Help on the Grief Journey

  Understanding the Four Levels of Hospice Care


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